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HDFX 3pc High Definition Filter set  72mm

HDFX 3pc High Definition Filter set 72mm

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HDFX 3pc High Definition Filter set 72mm
A 3 piece filter kit for Camcorders and Digital Cameras. Comes with the UV Filter, Polarizer, and Fluorescent Filter. This filter kit is of Professional Grade and includes:
1- UV filter (ultraviolet) for protection against dust, dirt, scratches, fingerprints and the sun's ultraviolet rays.
1- Polarizer filter (neutral density) to remove the hazy effect that bright sunlight can cause in outdoor shooting situations.
1- FL-D filter (fluorescent) for taking pictures indoors under fluorescent lights. This filter removes the greenish tint given off by fluorescent lighting.
1 compact protective carrying case for transporting and storing your set of filters.

Multicoated Hi-Definition

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