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Panasonic AJ-P2C016RG 16GB P2 High Performance Card

Panasonic AJ-P2C016RG 16GB P2 High Performance Card

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16GB memory card for the P2 professional video storage system

The 16GB P2 solid state memory card offers recording capacity comparable to and often greater than tape and disc-based media, but with no-moving-parts reliability and the benefits of an IT file-based workflow.

Panasonic's P2 card is a PCMCIA compatible plug-in card based on ultra-reliable, solid-state memory, integrating four high-performance SD cards like those now used in digital still cameras, and packaged in a rugged, die-cast frame that weighs only 0.099 lbs (45 grams). This convenient card has four times the capacity and four times the transfer speed of a single SD card. The P2 card is reusable and connects instantly with laptops and major non-linear editing systems to eliminate the time-consuming task of digitizing.

The re-usable P2 card is resistant to impact, vibration, shock, dust and environmental extremes including temperature changes.

Recording time on a single 16GB P2 card:
16 minutes in DVCPRO HD
40 minutes in DVCPRO HD at 24pN
32 minutes in DVCPRO50
64 minutes in DVCPRO


The AG-HPX500 is compatible with the 16GB P2 card. The AG-HVX200 and AJ-PCD20 with serial numbers beginning with E7xxx0001 or higher, are compatible with the 16GB P2 card.

All other P2 HD and P2 models will require a free, firmware upgrade that can be downloaded and performed by the user, or performed by Panasonic for a fee.

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