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JBL OnBeat - Black

JBL OnBeat - Black

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Displays, docks and charges any iOS device.

If you want to show off your iPad, iPod and iPhone a little while enjoying room-filling audio -- we don't blame you. From long-respected JBL comes the versatile OnBeat - Black that will display, dock and charge any iOS device. Of course, being an audio dock it also delivers robust sound for your games, apps, movies, online videos and anything else you do with your devices. Sound is delivered through dual Phoenix transducers and fine tuned with JBL's computer optimized digital signal processing (DSP) equalization for a richly detailed 360° soundstage.

When the OnBeat teams up with your devices, you'll enjoy realistic, high-output sound from this home entertainment system. For ideal video displays, you can rotate your iPod or iPhone to portrait or landscape orientation. Hook up an optional composite cable and you'll be able to send video content from your devices to your TV, letting you share with friends and family on the big screen.

Of course, you probably want to kick back and relax while enjoying your faves -- and lucky for you, the OnBeat has a wireless remote so you can tweak system functions and navigate your music from a comfortable distance. So, no need to even get up from your favorite spot. All in all the OnBeat is an easy to use, feature-laden and high performing playmate for your family of Apple devices.

Dock and Charge Apple Devices
Speaker dock that charges and displays your iPad, iPod or iPhone
Dual Phoenix Transducers
Dual JBL Phoenix full-range transducers with 2 x 7.5-watt amplification for surprising accuracy and detail from a system this size
Computer-Optimized DSP EQ
Computer-optimized DSP equalization allows for a 360° sound field
Frequency Response
Impressive frequency response (70 Hz - 20 kHz) with minimal distortion, even at high output levels
Flexible Viewing
When docking your iPod or iPhone, you have the option of either portrait or landscape orientation for ideal viewing
Auxiliary Input
Hook up a CD/DVD player or MP3 player via the 3.5 mm stereo jack -- the unit also features a USB port
Composite Video Out
Enjoy your videos on the big screen -- a composite output lets you display video content on your TV when connected with an optional cable
Evercharge Topology
When plugged into AC power, the OnBeat charges your iOS device without a computer connection, even when the system is off
Onboard Touch Controls
Convenient touch pad controls let you raise or lower volume and mute or unmute the system with just a tap
Remote Control
IR wireless remote control lets you navigate your songs, playlists photos and videos, change tracks and system settings from up to 15 feet (4.6 m) away
Compact Form Factor
This system is compact enough to fit just about anywhere you choose to put it -- it's engineered to be the life of the party whenever and wherever you listen. Meanwhile, the dynamic weave design offers sophistication

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