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5 Year Extended Warranty for Amana ADB1000AWS

5 Year Extended Warranty for Amana ADB1000AWS

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5 Year Extended Warranty for Appliances

Protect your appliances with a Buyers Protection Group Major Appliance Service Plan

With BPG’s Award winning Major Appliance Service Plan, you will receive In-Home Service for all covered repairs. If we can’t fix it, we will replace it! Broken washer and dryer or a dying refrigerator doesn't have to drain your monthly budget, it's covered. Eliminate the Hassle, Frustration, and Expense of repairing or replacing major appliances in your home.

BPG offers several affordable service plans; our plans cover repairs and replacements on all your appliances. Whenever there's a problem, simply call BPG. We'll have a pre-screened, local service technician contact you to schedule a mutually convenient service appointment in your home to service the covered appliance.

BPG is the industry’s leading provider of extended service plans. We continuously deliver innovation that changes the market and raises the standard of excellence. At the heart of our company is a strong belief that our customers deserve the best possible service.

When something goes wrong you’re covered with BPG’s Major Appliance Service Plan. Get In-Home service immediately, BPG keeps your house running. 

  1. The Service that Saves You Money and Never Stops Working For You
  2. With BPG Service Plans all repairs are conducted with the highest quality by Authorized Service Providers. Why wait? When you file a Claim with BPG you have just started the fastest repair process! No Deductibles!* NO HASSLES JUST SERVICE! The BPG way!

  3. BPG’s In-Home Service
  4. BPG’s award winning In-Home Service provides you with service at your home so when your appliances stop working you never have to worry.  All you need to do is make a claim with us, and a local authorized service provider will call you to schedule a mutually convenient service appointment with you at your home.

  5. BPG Lemon Guarantee
  6. As part of our outstanding commitment to excellence we guarantee that none of our customers will ever be stuck with a lemon! If your product fails and is repaired, three times for the same reason, (outside the manufacturer's warranty), BPG will replace it. So if your covered product is a lemon rest assured your service is not! That’s the Buyers Protection Group on your side!

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