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Brand New   |   In Stock   |   MPN: 4765   |   SKU: F507C16   |   UPC: 00018208047659
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<span style="color:rgb(89, 89, 89); font-family:arial,sans-sarif; font-size:12px">The SC-28 provides full TTL control for Nikon Speedlites when used off camera with Nikon SLR cameras which have the TTL hot flash shoe. Approximately 9' (3 m) long & coiled, it permits easy use of flash when the camera is mounted upon a bracket.</span>...
Brand New   |   In Stock   |   MPN: DFUMK   |   SKU: F518C16   |   UPC: 0847628010925
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This is an Impact Digital Flash Umbrella Mount Kit. It includes 2- Impact 32" White umbrellas with removable black backing. Umbrellas soften, broaden, and diminish the light output of any tungsten or flash light source. A white umbrella without a black backing may also be used as a makeshift softbox, although the use of the light will not be as efficient as with a light box....
Brand New   |   In Stock   |   MPN: DDSS-DUSTER3   |   SKU: F519C16   |   UPC: 00750324102682
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The DigitalDuster DSLR Camera Sensor Cleaning Kit from Delkin provides you with a way of keeping your CCD or CMOS sensor clean and free from small, irritating specs of dirt. It also helps eliminate condensation from your camera-especially if you shoot in humid climates....
Brand New   |   In Stock   |   MPN: 220EX   |   SKU: F393C16   |   UPC: 00082966150401
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The 220EX is a small EOS system flash with the E-TTL capabilities supported by all of the current Canon SLR cameras, both digital & film based....
Brand New   |   In Stock   |   MPN: 179205   |   SKU: F203C16   |   UPC: 0085126925260
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The Sigma 530ST DG ST TTL Shoe Mount Flash is Sigma's economical full-TTL flash, and has been updated with improved coverage range and a stronger power output. It features a powerful Guide Number of 174'/53 m at 105mm, and covers a focal range from 24mm to 105mm. This flash provides full TTL operation with digital SLR cameras, including full ADI operation with applicable cameras. ...
Brand New   |   In Stock   |   MPN: 309101   |   SKU: F205C16   |   UPC: 0085126922634
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The Sigma EM-140 DG Ring Flash is ideal for photographing subjects in fine detail - close-up photography - and is extremely effective for scientific and medical applications. Dual flash tubes can fire simultaneously or separately. Using only one flashtube creates modeling, which can give a three-dimensional feeling to the subject. The Modeling Flash function makes it possible to check for reflections and shadows before actually taking the flash picture. ...
Brand New   |   In Stock   |   MPN: SB-R200   |   SKU: F1047C16   |   UPC: 04960759024848
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Make sure you can get a light just where you need it with the compact and wireless SB-R200 Remote Speedlight from Nikon. Functioning as a wireless i-TTL slave flash for Nikon's Creative Lighting System, the SB-R200 is a unique speedlight that lends itself well to close-up photography. It features a guide number of 33' at ISO 100 and has a wide flash distribution, allowing it to cover lenses as wide as 24mm. The head can also tilt downwards 60° and upwards 45° for controlling where light will fall on your subject. Users can make use of a built-in white LED for AF assist in dim lighting along with support for high-speed sync modes. Additionally, it runs on a single CR123A lithium battery and...

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