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Casio XJ-H1650 3D Pro Model Projector

Casio XJ-H1650 3D Pro Model Projector

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The versatile Casio XJ-H1650 3D Pro Model Projector provides 3500 lumens of brightness and a 1.2X manual zoom. It can project a brilliant image just about anywhere. No matter what you use it for, you're going to love the crisp, vivid, saturated images its Texas Instruments DLP DMD imaging chip creates.

3 Year Extended Warranty for Casio XJ-H1650

3 Year Extended Warranty for Casio XJ-H1650

3 Year Extended Warranty (ID: 23297)

5 Year Extended Warranty for Casio XJ-H1650

5 Year Extended Warranty for Casio XJ-H1650

5 Year Extended Warranty (ID: 23298)


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Casio Hybrid Light Source By combining a laser, a fluorescent element and LED's Casio has created an original mercury-free hybrid light source capable of generating high brightness. Red is emitted by a high-lumen red LED. Blue is emitted by a high lumen blue LED. Green is achieved by converting blue laser light using a phosphor element Mercury Free Light Source Provides 10x longer light source life than Casio mercury lamp while being more economical based on lamp replacement. The Casio hybrid light source projector features quick startup and shutdown. The projector reaches its maximum brightness in a minimum of eight seconds and requires no cooling down period A Wide Selection of Input Sources They include analog RGB, composite video, S-video, component video (YCbCr, YPbPr), and HDMI input sources Intelligent Brightness Control Function (Eco-Mode) The projector senses surrounding light levels and adjusts projection brightness automatically as required for efficient low-power operation 3D Image Projection Support Projection of a 3D image signal (60Hz/120Hz field sequential protocol) via one of three input sources (analog RGB, composite video, S-video) is supported Pointer The remote controller can be used to select one of a variety of different pointers for use during projection Direct Power On The projector can be configured to turn on automatically and start projecting as soon as it is plugged into a power outlet Superior Color The Casio hybrid light source projector delivers a 50 percent increase in color spectrum for high impact presentations due to improvements in LED and laser technology. Superior color reproduction enhances color purity allowing visual effects to appear brighter and offering powerful images that conventional projectors cannot match Projection of Data from USB Memory or a Memory Card Without a Computer USB memory or a memory card (using a commercially available USB card reader) can be connected directly to the projector's USB port. The projector comes with special software for converting PowerPoint presentation data to a format that can be stored to USB memory or a memory card and projected without using a computer. Images and movies also can be projected directly from USB memory or a memory card Interactive Pointing Function You can use a separately available interactive pointer (YA-P10) to draw lines and figures directly on an image being projected by the projector from a connected computer. you can also use the pointer to perform mouse operation Multi Projection Camera (YC-400, YC-430) Connection A Casio multi projection camera can be connected directly to the projector's USB port for fine resolution projection of documents and other images. Document camera capabilities allow projection of data without going through a computer Graphic Scientific Function Calculator Connection Certain Casio graphic scientific calculator models can be connected directly to the projector's USB port for projection of the calculator screen contents Projection of Computer Screen Contents via Wireless LAN The projector comes with a wireless LAN adapter. After a wireless LAN connection is established, the contents of the computer screen can be sent to the projector for projection Support for Wireless Projection from MobiShow You can install AWIND's MobiShow (client software for wireless connection to a projector) on a smartphone or mobile terminal, and then use the projector to project photographs and presentation files stored in the smartphone or terminal memory Projector Operation via Wired or Wireless LAN Remote control of the projector is supported via a wired connection to the LAN port on the back or the projector or via wireless LAN
  • Remote Control
  • 6' (1.8 m) RGB Cable
  • 6' (1.8 m) AV Cable
  • 6' (1.8 m) AC Power Cord
  • Manual on CD-ROM and Booklet
  • Carry Bag
  • Windows Only Wireless Connection 3/EZ-Converter FA/ArcSoft Media Converter 3 Software

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